Ouch! I'm Rusty!

I haven't played Guitar Hero since I went to Richmond, so it's been over a week. I'm surprised at how much my fingers and arm hurt. I'd built up quite a bit of tolerance for the playing position before, but now it's like I just started. Well, as far as the pain is concerned. I haven't lost much skill level as far as I can tell.

I started working on moving up the ranks in my "Medium Career" now. I FC'd a few more songs, and significantly improved my scores. I now have over 6.33 million points in medium, which should put me around raking 2,880. I'll know for sure once the site updates with my latest scores. I was 3,431 when I started playing today, so that's pretty good progress in just a few hours. Once I FC all (or mostly all) of my songs in medium I'll try a medium tournament. Heck, maybe I'll try one soon even if I won't place that high. It gives me incentive to focus and work on improving a few songs as much as I can. It's a long weekend, so I don't know if there's any online tournaments still open. I'll check.