Aw, man. I'm irritated at the website from which I ordered my ukulele. Because although the product page clearly said "in stock and ready to ship", today I get an email saying my ukulele is backordered. Grrrrr. NOW they tell me.

Ordering online and having ADD is a dual-edged sword. On the plus side, when things don't arrive within a day or two of placing the order, I'll have totally forgotten what I ordered. So it's like getting surprise presents in the mail. Oh! Look! I've been wanting one of those, and here it is!

But on the other hand, if things take too long, my enthusiasm might have waned. I think I have a whole box of brewing supplies from when I was all psyched up to try brewing my own beer, but then by the time they arrived I had discovered I was pregnant with W (at a time I didn't think it was possible for me to get pregnant. . .). So I didn't even unpack the box since I thought it would be tempting fate to have kegs of beer in the house when I was supposed to be avoiding drinking the stuff. And in the years since I've lost interest in microbrews and prefer wine and liquor.

I'm sure I'll still be excited as long as the ukulele gets to me before the end of February. But if it's longer than that, I might have moved on to some other alternate musical solution. Maybe harmonica, I don't know. I've got a fife that I still haven't learned to play. I tried it, but it was more difficult than I had anticipated, and didn't have the energy for the challenge. Maybe it's time to reconsider, since it's a totally portable instrument. And appropriate for playing while marching through fields. . .

Oh-- I was wrong, the site

Oh-- I was wrong, the site *did* say before I purchased that the ukulele was backordered, they just didn't use the word "backordered". It said "expected to ship 1/18/12". And I noted that, and thought that was fine. If the site's estimate is accurate, I'll get it before the end of January, so that is about what I expected. I guess if they put "backordered" in red on a product page they'd scare away too many customers, while just putting a future availability date puts it in context. Although now I'm just irritated that they used the term backordered in the email. Why frighten me like that? Why not just say there has "been a delay in shipping" or something euphemistic like they have on their product page? Be consistent, people.

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