Max's 6th Month

I'm starting to get behind on Max's virtual baby book already, aren't I? His sixth month ended back on December 18th. But I'll do my best to think back to what was going on with him between Nov 19th and Dec 18th. We started him on solid foods Thanksgiving Day. We gave him a few ounces of mashed potatoes, which he loved. But it was a poor choice of first foods on my part, since the ones I made were full of cream and butter, and combined with the starchy potatoes they gave him a little constipation. We waited a few days before trying again with something more digestible (baby food sweet potatoes, I think). But once I wised up and cut out the carbs and dairy, he started eating like a champ.

He also started teething. I'll have to come back in and add the exact day to this post, it's on my calendar but I don't have it memorized.

If month five was all about grabbing things, month six was about grabbing things and sticking them in his mouth. He mastered the art of the grab, and was showing more control while handling the found objects. He learned to put his pacifier into his mouth on his own.

He also started scooting forward. It was Thanksgiving Day when he made his first scoot forward. Previously he'd kind of move in random directons, but he finally figured out how to point his little body toward something he wanted, and scoot towards it.