Spin Sock Works!

I put it up yesterday, which was anticlimactic because there was absolutely no wind. So I didn't know if the spin sock "worked" or not. The wind picked up quite a bit overnight, and when I first looked out at the flagpole this morning, I thought that sock had blown away. I used fishing line instead of kite string, so I thought that might have been a poor modification choice on my part.

But to my delight, when the sun came up more (my first glance was in the predawn darkness when feeding M), I saw that the spin sock was still flying and none of the parts had failed.

However, it did not spin because the opening was all closed because the lines had twisted all the way to the base. So I went out there and took it down, brought it in, and added some wire through the bridle webbings.

Et voila, that did the trick! The bridle lines are still totally twisting on themselves, but the wire keeps the mouth of the wind sock open. I'm not sure if the bridle lines are twisting because I'm using fishing line instead of cord or string, or if there's something inhibiting the spinner. I have the spinner attached to an old keychain ring, but there's actually still the keychain ornament attached, too, so maybe it's somehow interfering with the spinning action of that connector. I may investigate further on a warmer day, I've spent enough time outside just going out to the flagpole twice to lower and raise the sock.

I made a video of the wind sock spinning, but can't seem to get it uploaded to YouTube or even facebook today. There is something wrong with their servers. But I'll post the video when I can.

W got up and went downstairs before I did this morning, and T reported that he was thrilled to see the wind sock in action for the first time. He had heard all the wind overnight, and kept saying it was was the wind sock making all the wind. Every time I hear him say that wind socks make wind, I correct him so he'll understand that it's the wind that blows the wind socks, but he still doesn't get it. Nevertheless, it's good timing since it makes him eager for lots of wind, and January and February are the windiest months here.

Personally, all the wind makes me feel a bit uneasy, especially at night. It howls, you hear the house creak and moan, you hear branches and other things blowing into other objects outside and into the siding of the house, but you can't see what's going on because it's dark. It's *really* windy in the winter, and it's a cold, hard wind. But I just try to buck up and power through these months because the payoff comes in the summer, when the winter's hard cold wind turns into summer's cool breeze. Which we get even when much of the area is hot and stagnant. Even our immediate neighbors have remarked on our breeze; there is something about the micro hills and valleys on our property, or its position to the mountains, or something, that promotes wind.

And now, we have a wind sock. Next project windmill?