Stranded Atop the Guitar Case

Max first pulled himself to standing on Saturday 1/14. Today he climbed atop his first object-- the guitar case.

He woke up sometime after 7am, so I put him on the floor to play so I could try to get a few more winks. I heard him hitting something, and he appeared to be drumming on the closed guitar case. A fine amusement for a baby, so I rolled back over to sleep.

Several minutes later, he was crying his little eyes out. I looked up, and he had stranded himself atop the guitar case. He had managed to pull himself completely up and onto the top of the case, so he was about 6" off the floor, and peering over the edge, crying. I guess he thought it was too far up to come down safely. By this time, W was in the room, so I asked him to help M crawl down. But W couldn't figure out how to help M, so he started crying, too.

So Mama came to the rescue. I just placed M's hands on the floor, one at a time, and then he wriggled himself down off the guitar case without further ado.

M is still not crawling properly (he scoots), but he can pull himself to standing, and now he climbs. I don't remember the exact progressing that W made, but I am wondering when M's crawling will start. For now, I guess we'll just enjoy living in the exciting part of an action film. That's what it's like with M-- all day long, he's on the floor, a very intent look on his face, determinedly dragging himself to whatever object it is he wants. At first, I thought it was like he was an action hero with broken legs who had to drag himself with his arms, but upon closer inspection, M does use his legs a bit. Well, one leg, usually. It's like he pulls and steers with his arms, and the one leg provides just an extra bit of push. So I've decided he's more like the action hero who has to scoot along the ground to avoid gunfire or laser beams or something.

And now he's an action hero who falls down a lot, because he can pull himself up, but can't lower himself back down properly. We are entering the "dangerous" months-- from now until M can walk reliably, I predict lots of falls. Time to put down blankets, pads, and bumpers on furniture corners. Let's see, he's 7 months old now, and let's predict he'll walk by 14 months. Ugh, seven months of danger. Maybe he'll be walking sooner than that-- he's getting around sooner than W did, so it would make sense that he'll walk sooner, too.

At least we've got some lawn for M. I couldn't really let W learn to walk outside, because we only had fields, and within them all kinds of spiky weeds, tiny briers, etc. Nothing we noticed when walking through wearing shoes, but a terrible nuisance for anyone crawling through a field. But lucky M will have plenty of nice soft grass to crawl through, and learn to walk on. It will be gentler to fall on than hardwood floors, so I predict we'll spend a lot of time outside when the time comes. Hopefully the weather will cooperate this spring.