Lost Another Pair of Pants

Argh! I lost another pair of pants today. Unfortunately, they were my black pants, which is bad timing immediately preceding my trip to NYC. I didn't literally lose them, but they just met my threshold for ceasing to wear them. I have been losing weight (erratically, and slowly) since M was born, so finding clothes to fit has been a problem for months. As soon as I could get out of maternity clothes, I went out and got one pair of brown pants, and a pair of black pants. As they've become loose, I've worn a belt. But I draw the line when the plants fall off on their own when I don't wear a belt. I replaced the brown ones with the next size down before Christmas, but the black pants weren't as stretchy so they've stayed up. Until tonight. I literally walked out of them carrying Max down the hallway (he's so big now I need to use both arms to hold him, leaving none free to pull up sagging pants).

So-- do I try to get a new pair of pants in the next two days, or will I have to get really creative with my travel wardrobe? I have a pair of black velvet sweat pants, so at least that's something. But being a former resident, I'm loathe to hit the city looking like a complete tourist. I have friends there, you know. Eh, there's my answer, isn't it? Time to squeeze my schedule to accommodate some clothes shopping, stat. But just a replacement pair of pants. Anything else it makes sense to just buy in NYC!