Gained a Ukulele!

While I lost a pair of pants today, I gained a ukulele! My instruction book is titled, "Play Ukulele Today!" and it delivered as promised. I'm armed with a few chords, and dangerous. Been walking around strumming "Mary had a little lamb" all afternoon, to the delight of the boys. Time to apply the few chords I know to the whole genre of kids music so I can be a veritable housewife-minstrel. And get this-- the gig bag that came with the instrument has built in back straps! So I can wear the instrument like a backpack leaving my hands free to carry the baby outside. Oh yeah, the neighbors are going to have to get used to the sweet strains of the concert uke. Today I was just strumming G7 and C repeatedly, but watch out, I'll be shredding in no time!