Getting in a NY State of Mind

I finally finished packing for my trip, I leave early tomorrow morning! Well, I've finished packing clothes for Max and I. Which required finishing laundry. But I did reach laundry nirvana today-- there are NO dirty clothes in the house! ALL the laundry got done!

The weather in NY is predicted to not only be cold, but with freezing rain. If I were a tourist, I'd be hating it. I am somewhat resigned to LOOKING like a tourist since I can't manage distances in heels while carrying a 17.5 pound baby, (not to mention the state of my hair at this point-- it's not bad, per se, but ain't like I was getting it cut and colored while living in NYC). But I'm not touring, I'm visiting friends, and the weather isn't going to be too much of a factor. I kept my heavy winter coat for a reason-- although it doesn't get nearly as much use here in VA as it used to in NY (it's too warm to wear if the weather is over 40F), it still makes travel to cold places much more tolerable. I dug out my super-sized cashmere scarf, too. Over the years I've found that is generally too warm to wear in VA, I've switched over to smaller, lighter scarves. My NYC scarf is enormous, and super-warm. It was cold here on Sunday, so I had a trial run wearing M and my coat at the same time. Even though the coat is a tad big on me, and I could close it over M when he was a newborn (not that I had any need to back in June), I cannot fasten it while I wear him. I have to hold it closed over him in the front. But his head and shoulders stick out, and there's just no amount of adjusting I can do to get him covered by the coat. But this giant warm scarf will do the trick, and keep us both warm.

Time to get back to work, and pack the diaper bag with all the myriad baby stuff one needs while traveling with an infant. Although I lucked out since the friend I'm staying with ALSO has an infant, so there's a lot I don't have to pack. I'm pretty sure I'll fit everything in one carry-on and an under-seat duffel bag, which will be the "diaper" bag. I might possibly need another small tote, we'll see.