Started Bidding on Cars

While T failed to take a single photo while he and W were in FL, at least I got some useful information about the trip. W spent an entire day playing with matchbox cars. That answers the question what to get him for his birthday quite nicely, I think. I've started my eBay bidding already. I figure I'll get him a box of cars, he won't care if they're new. They're going to get trashed anyway since I let him take most of toys outside if he likes. Although I prefer if he takes plastic toys out, so maybe we'll save the cars for inside. I'm not sure. So far I've been outbid two or three times, but I've still got a number of lots where I'm the high bidder. This is why I'm starting the process so early-- if you stick to your price for a commodity item, eventually you'll probably get it, but it can take awhile. My price right now is $.30 per car, including shipping. It might be too low, but I'm not convinced of that yet. I may raise my spending level in a few weeks if I haven't won anything by that time.

I mean to post photos from our NY trip, but have been having upload problems since google messed up their web photo service by mixing it with google+. I'm probably going to have to find some other way to manage my blog photos now, which will take a little while to switch over since I have no idea what my alternatives are now, it has been years since I set up this blog so I don't even remember what I've got to do to change things anymore, I totally forgot everything I learned about website crm programming I learned at the time. . .

Just seconds after I posted,

Just seconds after I posted, I got a notice from eBay that I won a box of 80+ cars! That was easy! I'm winning on a few more lots, we'll see how I do. I'll have to decide if I wind up with hundreds if I give them to W all at once, or hold some back. . .

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