Can't Go Anywhere

I was terribly puzzled, yet happy that our trips to NY and FL did not end in being sick. However, our health has proved short-lived. I think W, M, and I all caught something on our big day out last Friday. I narrowed down the likeliest place to have been infected was during lunch at Baja Bean, since both boys were out of the stroller, and touching things then putting their hands in their mouths.

It doesn't sem likely that we would have caught anything from any of the art galleries we visited, since both boys were in the stroller the whole time, and thus had limited opportunity to touch things.

Fortunately, it's just a mild cold. For W and me, at least. Poor baby M is our canary-- his symptoms always get worse first. He was pretty cranky and miserable all day today. So much so that I decided I couldn't take him to church in his condition. Not that I don't see sick kids out and about all the time (and I've been guilty of taking W to the park while sick because he needs to get out of the house regardless at his age), but M is still a little baby and I thought his rest trumped the need to give him any sort of environment variey today. I'm glad I stayed home, since M took extra naps today, and is at least less cranky than he was when he woke up.

T is skeptical that W and I are really sick. I told him that we are PRE-sick. It's the phase of the cold when you don't feel sick but there are telltale signs that you've been infected with something. This time, I noticed that we all started sneezing yesterday, and I have been particularly tired (I think I fell asleep at 9pm on Friday night). Today M and I have runny noses. Although W was sneezing, too, I haven't noticed that his nose has been running much, so maybe he did avoid the cold. But he was with T all day, so I'm not sure. I've already started in with extra doses of Emergen-C. Often I can nip the cold in the bud during the PRE-sick stage, which is what I hope to do this time. Poor Max is not so lucky, he seems to get sick more than anyone else here. At least there is no fever or anything, so that's a blessing.