Max Crawls! (Video)

Max finally started crawling properly today! But my guess is that he's been holding out on me-- he probably could have crawled weeks ago, but I was making it too easy for him to scoot.

I think this because I've seen him get up on all fours in crawling position, but then he just takes a "step" or two then it's back to the floor. But when he crawled today, it was all the way across the room, and fast. Nothing halting about it.

But today, he was motivated-- he escaped from a diaper change before I put a new onesie on him. He was down on the floor ready to scoot, but as soon as his bare belly touched the cold floor, he immediately got up on his hands and knees and sprinted across the room like that. I left his clothes off when I moved him into the carpeted room to see if he'd still crawl instead of scoot. Sure enough, he was crawling all over the place, so I got a video.

W's first crawling video was 2/2/10, when he was 9 months old. M is now 7 months old. M's been hitting pretty much all of his milestones sooner than W. Well, except for sleeping through the night. I think I had W weaned from night feeding way sooner. Perhaps my decision to spoil M in that regard gave him the extra energy he needed to develop faster? Doubtful, but I won't rule it out. At any rate, I've finally decided to get serious about cutting out the night feeds for M, the lack of sleep is finally taking its toll hard enough to make me want to do this.

I will interested to see if M continues to drag himself across the hardwood floors downstairs (he's dressed now), or if he'll just crawl. He drags himself pretty darn fast over the hardwood. It looks like land swimming, if you can imagine that. I'd better take a video of that, too, come to think of it, since it looks like this stage is coming to an end. . .

Next stop, WALKING.