My site here is hosted by GoDaddy, and this morning I had a problem logging into my web statistics page. I kept getting a "page not found" error, although their site said my statistics were active and enabled.

I didn't hesitate before I called their technical support line. GoDaddy is one of the few companies I call as soon as I have a problem, since their customer service techs immediately understand the problem as I describe it, and quickly walk me through the steps needed to fix it. I'm always impressed with how quickly, politely, and easily problems have been resolved. For example, the first woman I spoke to today couldn't replicate the issue I was having, but she very quickly contacted a specialist there. They looked into the problem I was having today, and within two or three minutes she was back on the line and told me exactly what file I could change to restore my access back to how it used to be, but since this would be complicated she immediately offered a work-around that is quick and easy.

So many companies would have just told me that I would have to modify my file to allow access to the stats and left it at that. And I'd have to spend an hour looking up how to configure that sort of file online since I'm not a developer and don't just "know" how to do things like that. But GoDaddy sensed from the context of my question that the work-around would give me more customer satisfaction. But I still really appreciate that they mentioned the root cause of the problem, so I could fix it in the future if I wanted to.

Another GoDaddy customer service success was when I was trying to get my new design (this site) live. It just wasn't working, but I had set up the sql database correctly and I couldn't figure out what was wrong. Until I read the fine print, and saw that the "Windows Economy" service I signed up for didn't allow php script. The "Linux Economy" package did, and I was sad since I figured I'd have to wait until my yearly subscription was up to switch, or they'd charge me a change fee or something and it would be complicated. But I'm glad I called, since not only did I not have to wait for my renewal, or pay a change fee, but the tech guy explained how I could set up the switch myself and talked me through it while we were on the phone. It involved clicking on something like three buttons. That's it. He warned it could take up to 72 hours to actually switch over, but other than that I was all set. But it didn't take that long, it was up in something like three hours. Amazing.

And they're always so nice on the phone. I call about things that turn out to be not very technical at all, it seems like it would be easy for an IT geek to get all irritated and tell me all I had to do was click three buttons to switch, duh. But instead they always make me feel like I have a very legitimate question and they step me through every click to make sure I get it exactly right.

Really, they've got me hooked as a customer, they're just so darn consumer-friendly. I can't conceive of getting better hosting service elsewhere. Plus, the site hasn't gone down yet and it's been nearly a year. When Terry's company hosted it, it would go down a fair amount, but then my site was a just leech on their server rather than an actual paying site.

Most companies I have to waste time figuring out what's wrong myself since their "customer service" is a complete waste of time since their phone reps can't grasp a problem described to them (for example-- Me: "My home phone isn't working, I don't have a dial tone.", Them:"Are you calling about a home phone or business phone?" Me:"My HOME phone isn't working, I don't have a dial tone.", Them:"What is the problem?" Me:"I don't have a dial tone on my home phone" ad nauseum), and then have no idea how to correct it unless it's something in their predefined "script". This is the case so often I generally try to avoid calling customer service if I can possibly help it (by the way, I wound up buying a 50 ft phone extension cord that I have strung from the outside box through the porch, under the door, into the kitchen and plugged into my phone to get a dial tone. This helpful solution was suggested by the older guy at Crozet Hardware, another place with great customer service). I'll often opt for the "live chat" instead since at least I have a transcript of the inanity (I'll have to post some of those, they can be hysterical).

Bottom Line: Good Job, GoDaddy. I wish you could take over tech support for everything.

T has his own server now, so

T has his own server now, so he's started hosting my website and I no longer need GoDaddy hosting. When I called to cancel my automatic renewal, the rep was very courteous and processed my refund very quickly.

This is so rare! I was fully prepared to answer a barrage of questions about why I was canceling their hosting service, and to listen to a litany of other services I might want to buy or a list of benefits I've been receiving by hosting with them which I may have forgotten. But I was not subjected to any of that!!

The rep just asked how he could help, and then gave me what I wanted, no questions asked. So GoDaddy's customer service is still excellent, in case anyone was wondering.

I highly recommend GoDaddy for all your website registration and hosting needs.

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