Max's 7th & 8th Months

I'm now officially one month behind on Max's online baby book summaries. So I'll catch up now and get back on track. But I'll start with month 8 since that is freshest in mind.

Max's 8th month ran from 1/18 through 2/17. On January 20th, he went on his first major trip-- to NYC! We left home early in the morning, drove to Richmond airport, then flew to Newark, and were in the city by lunchtime. Max traveled very well-- I don't recall having any problems with him during any mode of travel. We stayed with friends who had lots of kids, and M really enjoyed interacting with them. He loved going on walks with me in the city, both being worn in the wrap and in the stroller. So many new things for him to see!

The last week of January, M got his fifth and sixth tooths (teeth?).

Max started self-feeding on 1/28/12. He ate a teething biscuit. From there he moved on to dry yogurt bites, bits of soft fruit and vegetables, scrambled eggs, and Cheerios. He started cruising on the same day-- he pulled himself up holding on to the nightstand in Will's room, then made his way over to the bed.

Max started crawling properly on 2/13/12. It took a bare belly on a cold floor to get him up onto all fours, but once up he sped away as if he'd been crawling for weeks already. He took his first tentative crawling "steps" on 2/6, but always did most of his moving flat on his belly until the 13th.

He still doesn't sit properly on the floor, although he sits fine in carts and when strapped into chairs. On the floor, he prefers to kneel when he plays. He's quite stable that way.

I think the biggest thing about this month is the self-feeding. M really enjoys eating with the rest of us, and now that he can pick up and chew little bits of solid foods, he's eating a lot more from our family meals. He doesn't like to eat the same food day after day. I try to feed him leftovers, but sometimes he'll eat them, sometimes he won't. If the family is having leftovers which he doesn't want, he just gets baby food instead.

Max's 7th Month (12/18/11 to 1/17/12)

I'm afraid I don't remember many specifics about month 7, but I'll do my best. M was pulling himself around the house pretty well by this point. He looks like he's swimming across the floor. One of his favorite poses was on his side, propped up on one elbow, and he'd grab things with his free hand. We couldn't let him crawl around the dining room because he'd always make a beeline for the cat food. He just loooves grabbing the cat food and trying to eat it. He'll put it in his mouth, but I don't think he really ever ate it since it was too crunchy.

He enjoyed his first Christmas, and was able to tear the paper off some presents all by himself. He was at the age where he was interested in all things that were different, so being at Grandma's house totally threw him off schedule since he was too interested in checking everything out to sleep.

Max got two new teeth on Jan. 1-- the top left middle tooth and the one next to it further left.

Max pulled himself up to standing on 1/14! He's a very strong little guy.