Happy Valentine's Day!

Ugh, not only can I not post photos, I can't even seem to get any videos up on YouTube tonight. I told T he doesn't need to draw a salary from his new startup, but he should get that T1 line back when there's enough cash flow to justify it. It's crazy expensive so we don't get it for personal use, but our current internet connection is just terrible. Of course we love living here so a bad internet connection is a small thing in the big picture, but it's annoying.

So in this space, you'll have to merely imagine a short video clip of W saying, "Happy Balentine's Day" (he's not great with his "v" sound). Also, photos of various objects around the farm we arranged into heart shapes. That was our afternoon activity.

A facebook friend posted photos of the heart-shaped sugar cookies she baked today. I commented that she was living my imaginary Valentine's Day. That is, she was actually doing what I can only accomplish in my imagination.

Actually, I had even grander ambitions. I bought a pack of aluminum mini loaf pans, because I was going to bake loaves of banana bread and mail them to a handful of friends. But as the day drew nearer, I chose to do other things with my time. They would have had to have been baked yesterday, but all three cats were seen by the vet yesterday morning, plus it was laundry day. So baking just didn't happen.

I still held on to the fantasy that maybe I'd just make some heart-shaped cookies for snack this afternoon. But M had a doctor's appointment this morning, and although T watched W while we were out, he didn't do any dishes. And there were several days worth all over the kitchen and dining room. I didn't even have enough clear counter space to consider baking cookies this afternoon.

But I came up with something else. W was asking about the day, how did he put it? "What does Valentine's Day do?" I said you ask someone you like to be your Valentine, then you do nice things for them. I asked him what nice things he'd do for me, and he said he'd give me an orange. That'll do. That was our Valentine's conversation this morning. This afternoon, I told him we'd go out and make things into heart shapes.

And so we did. Imagine now in this post you could see hearts drawn in the sandbox, arranged in leaves, with rocks, with mail, on the tractor, and in the dirt. Also, I decided I could make Valentine's Day pizza. Cookies are optional and thus easy to cut, but I had to make dinner regardless. And it was easier to cut pepperoni slices into heart shapes than to make cookies for sure.

And there was our day. Nice, low-key.