Figuring Out Pinterest

I checked out the site "Pinterest" some months ago (that's where I discovered the recipe for the chocolate chip cookie dough truffles), but hadn't bothered to activate my own account until recently. I don't usually "catch on" to new sites very quickly. It probably took me over a month to figure out why facebook was popular when I first got invited onto it back in the day. I'm still not sure why people like Twitter so much. I have an account (I'm MrsThorsen), but rarely use it. Same with Tumblr (again, pretty sure I'm MrsThorsen). Tumblr I used to bookmark all the different baby products I was thinking about getting, but I'm not sure I've updated anything since then.

Pinterest, on the other hand, I think I'm already starting to understand. I accidentally signed up for all their "suggested" boards when I set up my account, but that was before I understood what I was supposed to do. I deleted them all so I wouldn't have blank boards, and made the one board I thought would be interesting right now.

While M was sleeping this evening, I pinned all my favorite beauty products to a "board". Here's a link to that page. I think that Pinterest is basically a site for lists of things. But it's not just plain lists, it's lists with photos and links. Which is more fun to look at than if I just listed my favorite beauty products, for example. With the photos, you can see them.

I'm not sure what my next board will be. Although a good guess would be garden photos. I've got to decide what we'll plant this spring, so if I gather a collection of photos of various plants, I can "pin" them to a "board" and see how they look together.

If I come up with any good recipes, I often post them here (well, there's a "Food, Wine, Restaurants" subcategory over in the Reviews & Tips section of this site, that's specifically where I post recipes). In the future, I'll do my best to include a photo (T is close to having my photo hosting problem solved. . .), and also I think I can add a little "Pin to Pinterest" button, so other people can pin my recipes to THEIR boards. It's an interesting little community concept. I do find it interesting to browse through and see what my friends (and also strangers) have though worthy of posting.