I haven't been posting much since I've been so exhausted. I started weaning Max off his night feeds in earnest last Tuesday. The first few nights were extremely rough, he'd wake up every hour and scream and scream. But then the wakings grew gradually less frequent, and the screaming less strident. Gradually. Last night was the first night I got a "full" night of sleep, although M still is waking around 5:30am and not going back to sleep. That is rough for me.

I'm waiting until I get a few more nights in a row without screaming, and hopefully he'll get over this 5am business. If he can just hang in until 6:30 I nurse him then if he's awake (and hope he goes back to sleep until after 7. . .). Then I'm going to move him to W's room. I'm not sure exactly how it will all work out, but both T and I are ready to have our bedroom to ourselves again. I think I will get one of those inflatable beds, and spend a night or two in the room with the boys until they adjust to the new arrangement.

T didn't sleep through the night until he was over 4 years old and his mother moved his baby sister into his room. Then when he woke up at night he would go sleep next to K and fall back asleep. W still wakes up intermittently overnight, and he has a lot of T's other traits, so we're open to the possibility that he might draw comfort from having his sibling in the room with him, too.