Better Debut Than Easy

I completed my first Guitar Hero III tournament in the "medium" level tonight, and finished in 26th place out of 208 competitors. I debuted at 37 I think for my first "easy" tournament, so I take this as an improvement, although I haven't done the math to determine if I did better on a percentage basis in this one.

I did beat "dataguru1971" whose login name I remember from previous tournaments on the "easy" level. "Bluzyroo" or whoever-his-name-is was still competing on easy, so that prompted me to switch to medium.

I only FC'd one song of five, but it seems to be good enough to be competitive. I'm in another tournament that starts tomorrow night. I played quite a few songs at the medium level today (including several not scored in the tournament), and was surprised at how far below my previous personal best scores my scores fell today. I'm used to FC'ing most songs in "easy" so it's a bit disconcerting to me that it's so hard for me to hit the right notes in the medium level.

However, I recall that at first I was incredulous that anyone could FC all the easy level songs when I first started, yet it was only a matter of time before I got most of them myself. So I figure with time and patience I'll finish the medium level as well.

I think I've not been meeting my own high scores on medium for the past two days is because I took a week off from playing, and I lost a bit of my skills. I am hopeful that if I practice a little every day, I'll get better quickly. I am no longer enthusiastic enough to play for 12 hours straight like I did on the "easy" level. I suspect that it's not so much the difference in the skill level required that is causing me to lose hope, but that I'm just not as interested as I used to be. So that's a disincentive to try harder.