Two Boys in One Room

Last night I decided to move M into W's room. Earlier in the day I'd gotten an inflatable mattress so I could sleep in the room, too. I was surprised that W was the one who woke up more often than M!

W has this habit of waking up and crawling into the guest room sofa with T, at which point T moves into W's bed. Then later in the night, W goes back to his bed, joining T. When I was up all night with M, I really didn't have the energy to argue with T about making W just stay in his own bed all night. But now I'm going to put an end to all this late-night roaming around.

It took over a week to get M out of the habit of waking to nurse overnight, and I've heard that habits get harder and harder to break as the kids get older. But W hasn't been doing this bed-hopping thing his whole life, so perhaps it won't be that big a deal to get him to stay in his bed now. I'm prepared to sleep in the room with the boys until they are both used to the new arrangement. The air bed isn't nearly as comfortable as my own bed but it's better than sleeping on the floor (and sleeping in the same bed as W, while comfortable, won't get him used to sleeping alone in his own bed, which is the point of this exercise.)

I am hopeful that this will all be resolved in less than a week. I'm really looking forward to sleeping in my own bed again, alone in the room with my husband.