Quarter Mile Uphill!

I'm getting better at jogging! Today I finally was able to jog the full uphill quarter mile that is in the middle of my route. While pushing a stroller with 50 pounds of boy in it, on a gravel road. It's definitely a workout. I got some external validation of this the other day when T pushed the stroller on a family walk to the mailbox. He exclaimed that it was really much harder to go up hills while pushing the stroller, he had not expected it to be so difficult.

On the return leg of my workout today, I added some sprints at the end of each jogging interval. Well, I ran instead of jogged at any rate. Which may be as close as I can get to a sprint while pushing the double stroller over gravel. I'm a little curious to find out if I'd be able to jog further by myself without the stroller. I remember when I was carrying W on my back for a walking workout that I assumed I would just fly light as a feather without him, but it didn't work outlike that. But now that I'm jogging with the kids instead of just walking it will be different.

Now, I'm doing all this exercise in order to lose weight, but I'm really not seeing much by way of results. I hit a new personal low on the scale earlier in the week, but within two days I was up six pounds, now I'm back down three from there, which is about where I've been for the past month or more. It's quite difficult to stay motivated using weight loss as my measurement since it's maddeningly erratic, so I have to look for fitness improvements to keep me going. I presume the weight is being affected by the fact that I'm still nursing, so there isn't going to be a quick solution for that since I tentatively plan on nursing M at least as long as I did with W, which will take me clear through the end of this year.

On the plus side, presuming the weight will come off more quickly once M is weaned (I can only hope that will be the case, since I didn't have a chance to find out after W was weaned because I was already pregnant again), I might be fit enough by then to join the CrossFit and do those workouts. I really ought to try adding more calisthenics to my current routine, but it's hard to start a new habit. Although today I did do some baby food squats-- meaning I stood while feeding M his baby food, and did a squat with every mouthful, so I was feeding him at eye level. He thought it was just grand, and smiled and laughed every time my face was right in front of his. He was so cute, I could probably manage to work more squats into my daily routine. . .