Crazy Late Crocus

My hyacinth started blooming way back during our first snowstorm this year, so when I didn't see any crocus in bloom, I figured those bulbs had just worn themselves out. They were here when we bought thehouse in 2003, and I've never done anything for them.

But today, they were all in bloom! A whole patch of crocus in yellow and purple. I also noticed we've finally got our first buds on the daffodils on the driveway hill. They haven't bloomed yet, but I'll keep an eye on them. Pretty much everything we've got blooms later than I see in other yards. I'm not sure if it's because we have poorer soil, less sun, or a colder microclimate. It might be all three impeding our daffodils along the driveway since it is a partial shade location. We just moved tons of bulbs from the kitchen garden to the yard, and although we did most of the planting weeks ago during a warm spell, I'm not sure if the dividing will inhibit blooming this year.

When I went down the hill to get some rosemary the other day I was shocked at the size of some of our forsythia. We got lots of tiny little suckers off a sprawling patch when someone we knew was moving and needed it cleared out, but I think that was 2008. Since then, we've pretty much just had a tiny little patch of tiny liitle forsythia on that hill. I thought it would fill in quickly, but it really seemed to do nothing much for years now. But this year! Maybe the mild weather was all it needed (or four years to establish it's roots in our completely unamended and unfertilized soil), but when I walked through the patch there were branches over 6' tall! I can't wait to see them in bloom!