M Is So Cute In His Bed

I moved the boys into the same room last weekend, but after only a few days sleeping in there I realized that the main reason M was waking up was because he was scooting himself off the mattress in his sleep.

So on Tuesday, I got him a little bed. Just a basic little wood one from Target, with the rails on both sides. I had to put it together three times to get it right (I wish all manufacturers would just label the parts with little stickers to make it easier on us). There was a big warning sticker on it saying don't use it on kids younger than 15 months old due to "entrapment". I was worried about that at first, but figured M had a bigger risk of being "entrapped" by scooting off the mattress when it was on the floor and getting stuck between it and the dresser, or it and the closet, etc. At least with the bed frame, the mattress is held in place and there really isn't much gap between the mattress and the frame. Unlike when it's just on the floor, and he manages to wedge himself into gaps then the mattress slides just enough to let him sink to the floor.

But since he's considerably younger than 15 months, I figured I'd sleep in the room with him for a few more days so I could be right there if he did manage to "entrap" himself somehow.

But that didn't happen-- he's a big enough boy and the mattress fits tight enough, no matter how much he scoots, he doesn't get caught anywhere. And he can crawl right out of the bed without ado since it's close to the floor. Although he gets out of the bed waaaay less than he got off the mattress by itself.

I've been back in my own room for a few days now, and the boys are doing pretty well sharing their room so far. I nurse M in W's bed, then when he gets sleepy I tuck him into his own bed, and leave the room. T gives W a bath and now he reads to him in our bed instead of his own, and then when the bedtime stories are done, W goes into his bed. One night he threw a fit and woke up M, and we made things very unpleasant for W for waking up his brother, and it hasn't happened again. And once W is sound asleep, M can wake up screaming at the top of his lungs, and W doesn't even flinch in his sleep. T and I are both pretty impressed by what a sound sleeper W is now. After a few nights of catching him and putting him back in bed when he'd wake up in the middle of the night to find T in the other room, I think I broke him of the habit, since he started sleeping through the night in his own bed while I was in there. Although the first night I left, T did wind up back in W's room by morning, which I wasn't happy about. I didn't want all my nights of interrupted sleep to be for naught.

I'm still not sure if I can get photos to work right on this blog. I thought I had one up, but then it looked like it posted 2x and I tried to delete one but then both posts disappeared. I'll try to take a photo of M in his bed tomorrow before it gets dark. I need to take a photo of him soon anyway, to show off his long hair. I like his hair long, but T has been complaining for over a month that the hair over M's ears is too long, and I'm getting sick of hearing about it. I said I'd cut it when he turns 9 months old so I could get a few weeks of peace on the issue. I think my strategy will be to cut it when he's sleeping if I can. It's just going to be a few snips, and babies really don't sit still very well when they are awake.