I Did My Own Nails

After getting a mani/pedi last weekend (thanks mom!), I wondered if I could do some maintenance myself before I went again to the salon. Because I don't go nearly often enough anymore, and I'm tired ofmlooking unkempt.

So I gave myself a manicure. Well, not really. I took the old polish off on Saturday, filed my nails yesterday, and trimmed my cuticles and painted my nails today. I didn't bother with soaking the cuticles, oiling them, etc. Just pushed them back dry and cut any part that looked bad. I know it's not great for my health to treat them so roughly, but I have little time and even less patience, which is why I go to the salon in the first place. If I decide to keep up maintenance myself I'll have to make a greater effort to avoid so much cutting, but if this is a one-time thing it's no big deal.

The nails look fine now. Not the greatest manicure in the world, but I've had worse. I recalled that I always used to do my own nails when I was a kid, and even through college (although I don't recall spending much time on them then, I think I embraced the grunge aesthetic for a few years in there). I started going to the salon when I was in my 20s and working. Everyone in the accounting firm where I worked kept up with that, so I did, too. And wondered why I had ever bothered going through the effort myself when a manicure was only $10, $12 with tip. Prices have gone up a little since then, but not by much.

I'm not sure what I'll do when my toenail polish begins to chip (or more likely, starts to grow out). I might try doing it myself. At least I'm not pregnant, and so can reach my toes. I've got another week or two to consider it. So until then, I'll just enjoy my freshly painted nails, and see how I like keeping them looking good. If pretty fingernails are worth the effort or not. I might be going through a phase, I don't know. I think it may be because I'm reading more fashion magazines lately. T and I used some of our airline miles that were expiring to buy magazine subscriptions, since we don't plan on jetting around like we used to, there's no point in saving up odd miles.