Sprinting Benchmark

I added the health & fitness section to my iPad Flipboard app. I read an article with a few exercises to boost your metabolism, so I tried one tonight. It sounded simple enough-- mark off 25 yards, then sprint between the markers 12 times (6 round trips). Rest up to five minutes, then repeat once or twice. You're supposed to try to do each set of 12 in a minute. I didn't figure I'd accomplish that, but I did have T time me, so I could get some idea about how fast I should be sprinting.

Oh wow. I should be going much faster than I am. I actually think if I could maintain the speed I have on the first 25 yds, I might make it. But today I couldn't even keep running all 12 segments. I had to stop and walk for bits. I wound up finishing the first set in 1 min 55 seconds (and then collapsing in exhaustion). I did better on the second set, finishing in 1 min 50 sec. T thought I looked terribly ridiculous, so I challenged him to do it. He managed to finish in 1 min 15 sec. Not to par, but pretty close considering he doesn't work out at all. He ran 10 segments in one minute, I managed 7, and W insisted on doing the drill, too, and he finished 4 segments in a minute (then went on to finish 12 full segments in sets of 4). W ran the same speed every set. I sped up for set #2, T slowed down.

I wonder how long it will take me to get up to speed? I suppose my first goal should be to just be able to run the whole length without having to stop and walk a segment. Then I can worry about increasing my speed from there. I think I'll try to fit this workout in several times per week, so a blind guess would have me doubling my speed in, oh, three months? Will I be able to do this by mid-June? Eh, maybe five months is more realistic. But then, I thought it would be harder to adjust to carrying W back when I was doing that, so maybe it won't take that long. We'll see.