Speeding Up!

M went to sleep just after 6pm today, so I had time in the evening to go outside and so my new sprinting workout before it was dark while T was doing W's bedtime stuff.

Without having to worry about running over a toddler weaving in and out in front of me, I was able to shave some more time off my previous best. On Monday my best time for the 12 segments was 1:50, today my first set was 1:45 and my second was 1:42! On the first set, I only walked segment #9. On the second set, I did have to pause and rest a second when I turned around for the last 5 segments or so, but at least I persevered and ran all segments without walking at all. But I guess I must have been running pretty slowly to have only finished three seconds faster than when I walked a full 25 yards.

If I can take 5 seconds off every time, I should be down to finishing in 1 minute within 4 weeks. My instincts tell me a linear improvement like that is unlikely, but I won't know for sure until I try. This new workout certainly takes less time than walking 3 to 4 miles, but it remains to be seen if it actually helps me to lose weight. After only 2 days, it's too early to tell. I'll give it several weeks.