Homeschooling Another Semester of Music Class

I've decided to go ahead and homeschool another semester of music class for the boys. W definitely preferred to do the musical activities with just family, and I presume M is indifferent. This session's books were not on ebay this time, but I did find both the sheet music and CD on from used book dealers. Works for me.

I think I was able to stick with the curriculum well enough for the music, that I should probably be able to homeschool all of preschool. The only thing that W is lacking is the ability to watch other kids around his own age doing things. Which I think is kind of important. But with his anxiety over interacting with other kids, I don't even know that that is an option. We did have to drop out of the music class several weeks early last time because he wouldn't even enter the classroom anymore he was so terrified.

I haven't even tried to set up a playdate for him here at the house since he threw a fit the last time some kids came over. I'm not sure how often to attempt it. Try again in a few weeks? A month? Several months? He seems to be doing better being around other kids at the park. Since the weather has been nice, Pen Park has been crawling with kids the past few times we were there. If we leave the house early enough, we have time to go to the park before I run errands on either Tuesdays or Thursdays. W used to be too afraid to jump right into the fray, he would sit on a bench with me and just watch the other kids for a while before he'd venture in to play. Now he'll play right away.