Max Will Get Babysat

I guess it's not technically M's first time being babysat. I must have left him with my mother for a few hours at some point during the last eight months, right? And I did leave him for a few hours with N's nanny when I was in NYC, too, but he didn't wake up while I was out so he didn't know he was being sat. He did wake up when N was watching him, but I came right home when she couldn't get him to stop crying.

But tomorrow will be his first time at HOME with a sitter. W's sitter, Megan (hereafter shortened to MA for purposes of this blog), will come over tomorrow night. I aim to have M asleep by the time she arrives at 6:30pm. Then she'll mainly entertain W. Hopefully he'll get sleepy and go to bed, but I doubt it. I don't have any grand ambitions to do much, I just had an overwhelming urge to get out of the house with my husband for a nice dinner out. It's funny, I haven't really felt like going out in the evenings much since M was born. We went out quite a bit when W was little. I guess back then I was just more used to going out to dinner. I got out of the habit in my 3rd trimester with M. I was just so tired in the evenings that the last thing I wanted to do was to get dressed up and go out to dinner.

I'm not sure that I'll be getting particularly dressed up tomorrow night since I don't have a full wardrobe in my current size. But maybe I'll dig around the closets and try to find a pair of heels and maybe a sundress that will do, presuming it's still very warm out.