Max's 9th Month

I was just thinking about what was most striking to me during M's 9th month, and I think it's his love of eggs. I feed him an egg nearly every day. Scrambled, fried, souffle, hard-boiled, he's had them all, and loves them all. He eats his egg with such gusto, grabbing it by the fistful and stuffing it into his mouth with obvious glee.

He got two more teeth this month. I noted at least one of them on the calendar, but I'll admit I'm pretty bad about recording exactly when he gets his teeth.

He also got weaned from overnight feedings. It was a brutal week, but be eventually settled down and got used to it. I had also been giving him an 11pm "dream feed" and I went ahead and cut that out at the same time. He now goes a full 12 hours between feedings overnight. Which does not mean that he sleeps continuously through the night yet (I wish), but at least it's usually easy to get him back to sleep again.

After he was weaned for overnight, I moved him into his new room. As of March 3, my two sons are sharing a room. Not too long after that, I decided that M would sleep better if his mattress was in a bed frame with rails instead of on the floor, so both boys are even in proper beds. M can get into and out of his bed by himself, but he usually waits to be placed in it, and cries in bed until someone gets him more often than he crawls out on his own.

He's getting around by crawling pretty fast now. He looks like a monitor lizard crawling around the house. He's started to climb. We have gates on the stairs so he doesn't get much practice on them (W got much more practice when he was learning). But M does climb up and down the three brick steps to the porch on his own. He can even scramble directly onto the porch from the grass. I find that he needs much less spotting than W did when he was first learning to negotiate the brick porch. M has been more physically competent since birth, and has hit all his milestones sooner than W did. Although I think W was a bit later than average rather than M being particularly early. M also goes up and down the 7" drop from the kitchen and playroom to the back porch without hurting himself. I think W was just a few weeks shy of a year when he mastered that. M didn't even need much coaching, he just figured out how to do it on his own. He's a strong little guy.

He continues to be a happy boy. Always full of smiles.