T Fixed The Washing Machine

The very first load of clothes I put in the washer today (laundry day) got an error message on the machine. There was a problem with the drain. T and I took all the sopping wet clothes out, and then tried it again to see if it would drain if it was empty. Nope.

So I took the boys out for a walk to the mailbox, while T cleared the laundry room so he could pull the washer out from the wall and try to fix it.

It took him forever, but he got it done without calling a repairman. I was able to put in a second load around 4pm, but laundry day was a bust. I'll try to finish up tomorrow. This throws off my weekly schedule, but whatever, I'm just glad it's fixed the same day. A broken washing machine is not something to be taken lightly in a house where the baby wears cloth diapers.

T said a baby sock had made its way into the drainpipe, and that was what was clogging it up. Hopefully this won't be threat for much longer-- with the weather warming up, I have been leaving socks off of Max. I might want to put them back on him once he starts walking and I put him in shoes, but I let him crawl around in his bare feet. Maybe I'll put their socks in a lingerie bag from now on. That would probably be a wise thing to do, now that I know the havoc a wayward sock can wreak.