Washing Machine NOT Fixed

I stayed home today to finish my aborted laundry day from yesterday, but was thwarted yet again. Once again, the water did not drain. T took the wet clothes out and wrung them out by hand before putting them in the dryer. Hopefully there wasn't anything in there that could be stretched out too severely. I'm not sure if it was a load of colors or whites, but at least I remember it was not the delicates.

He said he'd check the drain line again tonight. He doesn't know if there is something else stuck in it. He apparently didn't bother to check the whole line yesterday. He said when he found a baby sock, he figured that must have been the problem and stopped there. It didn't occur to him that perhaps there was more than one item causing the blockage.

It's too soon to tell if the pump itself has been damaged from running with no water going through it. It's certainly a possibility. I'm pretty bummed out about this. Hopefully it's fine, and T will *really* fix the problem tonight.