70 Patterns

A friend of mine posted on facebook yesterday that patterns were going for $.25 each at our JoAnn's location since they are moving to a larger storefront. Last night, I decided to go through the patterns online and chose some that I wanted. I knew it would be optimistic to expect to find any, but I wanted to be prepared nevertheless.

I needn't have bothered-- there were so few patterns left in the drawers that it didn't take long to flip through them to see if there was anything appealing. I think I only got 1 Vogue pattern, but there were quite a few McCalls left. At four for $1, I just went ahead and took home anything that is a flattering cut for me (being shortwaisted with wide shoulders has its limitations), no matter the size. I figure my size will change over the years, and it's not like I'm going to sew 70 different garments all at once or anything. I might have even picked up a second copy of patterns I already own, just for the convenience of actually being able to cut out different sizes. For $.25, I'm not going to bother tracing out the size I want onto pattern paper to preserve the original (if I have more than one copy of the pattern, that is).

I also got on the list to have my sewing machine serviced. I missed a year and I can tell that it's not sewing as perfectly as it did when it was new. The stitches aren't as jaw-droppingly perfect and even as they once were. Although they're adequate, I'd rather have the machine corrected back to perfection.

I'm going to have to review my fabric stash in light of my new acquisitions. I bought a ton of fabric in NYC when I went there in the spring of 2010 and haven't touched a yard of it. I may start with some boy clothes. Maybe do something cute like make matching Easter outfits for my babes. I haven't made anything for them since M's baptism gown, but kids' stuff goes pretty fast since it's so small. Snip, snip, sew, sew, all done.