Add Work or Turn A Blind Eye?

Since W climbed all over the inside of the car immediately after playing in the sandbox, the interior went from bad to atrocious, and I couldn't live with it. So this afternoon I was out there cleaning and vacuuming. Wow. T and I were never ones to keep our cars spotless in the best of times, but with two kids in the back it's at a whole 'nother level. I aim to get some leather conditioner/cleaner tomorrow to finish the job, but I am questioning what my maintenance plan will be going forward.

Will I try to add "clean the car" to my list of monthly chores*? Or just turn a blind eye to the back seat, and only clean it when I can barely see my children for the mess? Or when I put them in their car seats wearing clean clothes that turn dirty before I take them out of the car again?

Vacuuming was a nuisance, but maybe I'll try a hybrid solution: I'll clean out the car once a month by removing toys and trash and shaking out all the mats and wiping the seats with my leather cloth. And maybe just vacuum a few times per year. Maybe just once.

*my list of monthly chores is very short, in fact there is just one item on the list. On the first of each month I fill my dishwasher with Jet-Dry. So cleaning the car shouldn't tax me too much.