Lost My Appetite-- Hooray!

It's been a few days since I've lost my appetite, so I'm beginning to think it is more than a fluke. I'm a big believer in just trusting my own body, so especially during pregnancy and breastfeeding, if I feel an urge to eat, I try to eat. And I'd been feeling that urge for a long, long time. If I would ignore it and go to bed hungry or whatever, I would wake up in the middle of the night feeling sick with hunger. So I would eat.

But there has been a definite shift. My body, after so many months of telling me to eat, eat, eat, is finally telling me to skip meals. Hooray! It's not like I'm going to be calorie-deficient, since I was eating 4 meals a day, plus snacks sometimes. Now I can skip the first dinner (at 5pm when I feed the kids) and just eat a salad or something after they're asleep, around 8pm or so. And I've found myself hungry in the middle of the afternoon, but with no appetite whatsoever. I just don't feel like eating, despite my stomach growling. As little as two weeks ago, if I even made it to the point where my stomach was growling, I'd probably be positively ill with hunger. Now, I'm just hungry, but my body really isn't telling me to eat. Since I have no appetite, I take that as a signal that I should NOT eat. And I have not felt ill or lightheaded or dizzy or anything as a result. And I reiterate, I totally would have felt some bad repercussion from not eating ever since I got pregnant with M. So I'm hopeful that my body has turned some sort of a corner, and perhaps I will lose weight a smidgen faster starting now.

I think M is probably taking less milk than he used to. He's got eight teeth now, and although no molars, he's got four teeth on top and bottom up front, and is pretty good at biting off chewable bits of food. I still give him baby food since without molars he can't handle crunchy things (like fresh vegetables), but he eats quite a bit of table food. Since I cut out the overnight feeds, he just nurses four times per day (early morning, midmorning, midafternoon, bedtime).

I've been able to cut down my evening snacking (it was more like T and I ate an entire second dinner) since my appetite has waned. I've also felt more like eating salads in the evening again. Hopefully this "phase" will last a while. I'm within five pounds of my pre-Max weight, so maybe another week or so of reduced appetite will get me over the hump. Although I wound up with only three hours sleep last night (I got another few hours during naptimes today, so it's ok), I kicked up the intensity of the intervals during my stroller jog. I decided to do fast sprints for multiple shorter distances during the slight uphill part, then try to jog 1/4 mile without stopping on the downhill part, and finish with another sprint or two.