Yes, She's Growing Her Hair Out

Remember when I couldn't figure out why my mother moved certain items into her new house?

For example, on the kitchen counter is a set of hot-rollers from the 1970s. Is my mother planning on growing her hair out long enough to use those curlers again?

When I asked, "Mom, why did you save those hot curlers from the '70s?" she immediately replied, "because I'm going to grow my hair out." So I stand corrected.

I didn't realize she's kept her hair short since the 1980s out of convenience only, I thought she just liked short hair. It turns out that her natural curls are just too unruly to deal with properly at 5am or whenever she had to wake up when she was teaching high school, but now that she's retired she'll have time to pop in her curlers. I'm all for it. Longer hair is definitely more flattering on women. Some women can wear short hair and look good, but in nearly all cases they would look even better with longer hair.