Random Achievements

I really like the strategy I've discovered for visiting Grandma-- I drive during nap time. I go out during M's morning nap, then return the next day during the afternoon nap time. Yesterday both boys were asleep for most of the ride home. But M awoke about ten minutes before we got home, which coincided with driving past a nursery. I had a few hours of daylight left, and it was supposed to rain that evening, so I thought I'd take the opportunity to do some planting. I left W sleeping in the car, and toted M in to get some ground cover.

I left with 50 plugs of vinca to plant on the slope below the shrub magnolia in the formal garden. I got it done before the rain, so that was successful. I had envisioned the slope being covered with more upright perennials, and there are some already planted. But since mulch won't stay on the slope, it really looks terrible while I'm waiting for the plants to fill in. So my new plan is to let the vinca spread to stop the erosion and make the slope more attractive right away, and I'll just dig bits of it out and transplant it elsewhere whenever I want to make room for a different plant.

Today I decided to paint the chair frame I primed a week or two ago. But I decided to use spray paint after reading a tip about that on Flipboard. The article was listing things that were good uses of spray paint because they are difficult to paint with a brush. Sure enough, it was easier and more fun spraying the chair and all it's rungs rather than doing it all with a brush. Plus, I happened to have some gold spray paint in the garage. Now the pathetic old chair frame is a sparkling vision. I picked up some rope today, which I will use to weave the seat. Not sure how difficult that part will be, but I've recaned seats using rush or whatever that stuff is, and it KILLS your hands, so I gotta figure that nylon or poly-p or whatever kind of rope I got will be easier to work with.

In retrospect, it wasn't the best beauty scheduling to get a manicure the day before spray painting a chair, but I didn't mess up the manicure too much. Just two fingers with stray paint on them. I forgot to wear a glove on my spray hand, it's been so long since I've spray painted anything I totally forgot that paint gets on your trigger finger.