Chills, Fever, the Works

I have not been this sick in years. Yesterday, I started feeling bad on my way home from grocery shopping. I took a nap, he tried to watch the boys while T was working in the studio with J. But I had to call him down to take over at 5:30 pm, since I could barely stand at that point. My lymph nodes were so swollen it hurt to swallow.

This morning I was feeling better, and went to get my teeth cleaned at 10am. But when I got home, I was much worse. I started getting chills! I never get chills when I get sick. Most of the time when I get colds they follow a predictable pattern and I'm fine again on day 3 or 4. But today I got chills so I crawled under the covers. After 10 minutes I was still shivering so much my teeth were clattering, so I got the heating pad and tried to warm myself up that way. After another 10 minutes I had finally stopped shivering, but I didn't actually get warm until much later.

And of course when I did get warm, I ran a fever. For some reason we only have a celcius thermometer, so my temperature of 39.0 meant nothing to me. But I finally looked it up, and it's over 102F. Good grief.

Fortunately, I haven't had any nausea or anything like that. Just the chills, body aches, and extreme fatigue. I went downstairs this afternoon and the exertion gave me the chills again. Except for the trip to the dentist, I've been lying down in bed all day. Fortunately, T stepped up to watch the boys. He actually had to go to the dentist himself this afternoon, and luckily it coincided with W taking a nap. M was awake, but at least he wasn't too fussy and I kept him in bed with me for the hour T was gone.

I have no idea if I will be recovered tomorrow. I hope so, since T does not like watching the kids all day. But I still feel like $/((& tonight, so I have my doubts that I'll be able to handle the kids all day. Hopefully I'll at least be able to watch them a few hours-- I can't chase them around outside, but I can lie on the sofa in the playroom or they can play in their bedroom while I lie down. The only thing is that I'll have to be able to keep my eyes open. W takes advantage and gets into trouble when I fall asleep.

This illness is at a bad time. I haven't even started the taxes, W's birthday is next Wednesday and I haven't done a thing for that, either. Fortunately, he can't read a calendar, so I can push his birthday off until later in the month and he won't know. The IRS won't be so easily avoided, however. It is looking likely that I'll need to file an extension. All this worry has not been helping me rest and recover.