"Normal" Sick

Now I'm back to what I consider a normal level of illness for when I catch a cold. Today I woke up feeling cured, but suspected that wouldn't last. Sure enough, by the time I had to make a decision about whether to take the boys out for errand day, I was feeling woozy and fatigued (so my period of feeling good for the day was from 8-10 am).

But I wasn't so fatigued that I couldn't stay awake, so I was able to watch he kids just fine. I even took them outside twice, but unfortunately each time M started eating my flowers and I didn't have the energy to keep chasing him around, so I made both boys return inside. They can get into less trouble in the playroom, plus I can fully recline on the sofa, which was more restful than sitting in a chair.

I'll try to get to bed early again tonight, and hopefully I will be cured tomorrow.