Exciting New Package!

My mental abnormality adds excitement and mystery to my life once again! One of the symptoms of my ADD is that I don't remember things. Today I found a large parcel in my mailbox, and I don't know what's inside!

I vaguely recall thinking sometime earlier in the week that I wondered when my item would arrive, but I can't for the life of me figure out what I ordered. It says on the envelope that my book is enclosed, so it must be a book. But it's not in a package from Amazon, so where on earth did I order a book from? And what book did I order? Most regular old reading books I go through a convoluted process-- first I determine if they are in the library, in which case I put a hold on the book, but that's rarely an option since they don't seem to have many books I want to read lately. My next choice is to see if I can get it through paperbackbookswap.com. I've gotten lots of books through them (and unloaded some old books I don't want anymore in the process). My third choice is to get the Kindle version if it's a novel or nonfiction book or something else I'm just likely to read once for pleasure. I usually only order new books for real if it's some kind of reference book I'm apt to use again and again, like a cookbook or decorating book or gardening book or something like that.

So did I get one of those? For all I know, you readers already know what I got because I wrote a post about ordering something last week. I'm not even going to look, because I'm having so much fun trying to figure it out. By the way, if I post about the same thing multiple times, its also probably just a product of my mental disorder. I really don't remember what I posted about. Which is part of the reason I keep this blog, so I can go back and see what I've done with my life these past few years, since I don't have much to show for it. Well, I do have two sons, but you know what I mean. But now you know I need the blog if I'm curious to know what I've done the past few weeks. Seriously, sometimes my memory is that bad. Sometimes I remember. I'm not sure if there's any predicting when I remember and when I forget.

I'm home alone with the boys tonight, T is out at a concert. It's some band he started going to see when we were in NJ, and they are actually playing Cville tonight. I've never heard of them. But even if I had, when T told me about the concert weeks ago, I noted that it was on Good Friday and I would not in good conscience go out for a good time tonight, so I offered to just stay home with the boys. Besides that, I'm still sick. I'd pass out if I had to stand up for a concert. Sitting in church waiting to confess (the line was nearly 2 hours long, and that was with three priests hearing confessions this afternoon) took enough energy, and all I had to do was sit there. I left the boys at home with T. Thank goodness I made that call, while there were a lot of kids at the church, I only saw one toddler and they had both parents to chase after him.

I'm not sure if I will open the package tonight, or wait. I'm leaning towards waiting. Maybe I'll open it as an Easter surprise for myself. Watch it will be something lame, like tax documentation or something. I honestly can't remember at all what it is!