Special Mass Just For Regulars

I plan on going to the Vigil Mass tomorrow night, since despite the fact that it is long and I'm still a bit sick, standing and sitting by myself is SO much less daunting than facing the unwashed hordes of heathens which invade on Sunday with my whole family in tow.

When I was trying to work out the logistics in my head for how to handle Easter, I was wishing that there was a convenient Mass that was just for people who actually went to Mass every week so we would get our usual seats and all that without having to show up an hour early (NOT recommended with two kids under 2 in my opinion). Then I realized that Mass exists, and it's called the Easter Vigil. It's not terribly popular with the non-religious crowd, and you don't have to arrive early to get a seat. Especially if I go alone, I'm sure I'll squeeze in somewhere.

But it will be years and years before the kids will be old enough to stay up that late and act civilized. They're both usually asleep before it starts. But it will also will probably be several years before I feel it's critical to their spiritual development to go to Easter Mass anyway, so I think I will take advantage of the less chaotic option while I have the chance. I would have done it last year, but I was in my 3rd trimester at that point, and usually dead tired from chasing W around all day. I'm sure I considered it and determined there was no way I'd make it though the evening. But this year is different. M is no longer nursing through the evening, I'll nurse him and put him to bed well over an hour before I'll have to leave. And I think I heard there are only six adults joining the church through our parish this year, so that shouldn't take long. One year I went and there were FORTY converts. That was a long Mass. I should be home around 11pm, so I shouldn't even be too too tired.