Exercise Lite

I'm still sick, but trying to get the boys back in schedule. When I was really sick, I just let T do whatever because I was in no position to take over and I wasn't going to nitpick when he stepped up to take care of things for me. They were fed and safe, and that's the important thing. If they got off their schedule, I could deal with that when I was recovered. And although I'm still doubled over while coughing up a lung from time to time, today was the first day I didn't have any real issues with feeling woozy and having to lie down.

Both W and M have the cold now, but they seem to have gotten a milder version than I went through, since they just have runny noses. They both obviously needed naps today, but refused to go down, but I felt well enough to go back to my nuclear option-- the stroller ride. When I give them a stroller ride at nap time, it doesn't matter if I'm walking or jogging or if the stroller is bouncing all over, they fall asleep. But today I walked. Slowly. I'm not a big advocate of "pushing yourself" through pain or injury or sickness. But although I'm not back to feeling 100%, I took a chance that a walk wouldn't set me back if I took it easy. And it was fine. It probably took me an hour to cover just two miles, but it was a pleasant day for a leisurely stroll, and both boys got their much-needed rest plus fresh air as a bonus.