Drinking and Domain Names

So some people have a few drinks and start making long-distance phone calls, I'll have a few and start registering domain names.

Unfortunately, all the good ones I come up with are spoofs on Terry's company's competitors. So we register them "private" so they can't be traced back to us. So I can't exactly link to them from my site here, since that would defeat the purpose. But trust me, you'd fall over laughing if you were in the industry.

The latest is great--I've even got a scheme so that it won't be visible to the public, only to certain insiders. Don't feel left out, it will be of absolutely no interest to the general public who are not intimately familiar with the business of creating and selling brokerage software.

But Terry and I am both tickled, it will amuse us and some of our friends for some time. I only registered the domain for a year, if we're bored of it by then we can always let it lapse. It's only $9.99 for a year's registration, and another $7.99 to keep the ownership records private. We figure we'll have more fun with it than going to the movies once, so it's a good entertainment value.

So you know how dorky it is, I can tell you about one we only registered in our minds, not in real life: See, Thomson was an AFS competitor, and their big marketing thing was "Thomson One" since they had "one" solution for all your brokerage software needs. But the spoof would be "Thomson Zero" and the website would have "anti-testimonials" from dissatisfied customers who switched vendors when Thomson couldn't deliver. Of course this is all hypothetical, we couldn't possibly cite real examples. . .

But you see how uninteresting it would be to anyone unfamiliar with the "Thomson One" marketing pitch. And so our latest domain registration would make absolutely no sense to most people. When (and if) it becomes public I'll post a link, but only because people who are searching for Terry sometimes find my site instead, and it's more likely to be of interest to them than to any of my "regular" readers.