That Went Well!

I think W has been having a very happy birthday! Despite one moment this morning when he asked, "who's coming over?" and I had to tell him no one, although under my breath I added "because you scream in terror when anyone comes over. . .". But he just asked that just once, so clearly it's not a big deal to him. Since anything he cares about he'll ask about, oh, seventeen times a minute.

He opened a few presents that arrived in the mail this morning, then was terribly excited to go on a treasure hunt after breakfast. He got the hang of it immediately. I made a video of him finding all his clues and running as fast as he could to the next location. He was pretty adorable.

I let him choose his cake, so he chose a yellow bundt cake. Not what I would have thought of for him, so I'm glad I let him choose for himself. He blew out all his candles himself, I was impressed. True, there were only three candles, and I placed them close together, but still. Maybe that is something only a mother would be impressed with. I have so little contact with other moms with kids Ws age, I have no idea what the current community standards are.

Max really enjoyed eating birthday cake. Lucky boy that gets some before his own first birthday! I have some photos of that mess. I'm blogging from the iPad now so all the photos are still on the camera. I might not get them posted soon, it depends on how much time I spend working on the taxes now. Now that the birthday is done, taxes are my next focus. I haven't started. I'm hopeful that I'll get the LLC partnership return done in two evenings, then our personal return in another two evenings. That would get me done before the due date on the 17th. Of course, if I'm not feeling motivated on any evening between now and then (likely), I'll have to file for an extension anyway. But I'll cross that bridge when I get there.