Glitter Makes It Better

I made a mediocre choice of nail polish color the last trip to the salon. I'm happy with the color I chose for my toes, but the color I chose for my nails was unflattering to my skin tone. I suspect I am not the only woman to be drawn in by the baby pink only to be disappointed, since my manicurist had another bottle in a darker color at the ready. Which looked much better against my skin. These women are professionals.

But after wearing the new color for a day, I just wasn't thrilled about it. I had no real complaints, it was flattering and tasteful; it was just a liitle. . .dull. Remembering my resolution to accept no polish that I wasn't really happy about, I set about fixing the situation. Loathe to take off a fresh salon manicure (because I only get one a month, max), I decided to just add another color on top.

Lucky me, I had just the thing in my collection! I have a bottle of gold glitter polish that I think I used to wear mostly over very pale colors. But I decided to give it a try over the mauve-ish pink, and I am VERY happy now! The tiny flecks of gold provide just enough interest that I am no longer bored by my fingernails. Now I have a liitle happy mood-booster literally at my fingertips since all I have to do is look at the sparkles and I'm happy.

At first I wondered what it means that I am a middle-aged woman who is happy with glitter on her fingernails. Am I immature? Do I have immature taste in nail polish? But T assuaged me, saying its a perfectly valid adult aesthetic preference. So now I'm just happy about it.