Garden Update

T has not done all the work to prepare my garden for planting that I requested starting back in January (based on a schedule he agreed to at the time, I should have been finished with the hardscaping last month). However, he did come up with a plan that will allow me to have a garden this season concurrent with continuing hardscaping.

I had originally planned to plant out the garden from the outside in. The garden has a quarter-round footprint, and I was going to plant starting at the outermost beds along the curve.

But the fenceline is the one place where T hasn't prepped the dirt. Everywhere else he dug up with the tractor, and yesterday he rototilled before the rain. I measured and marked where the main wheelbarrow paths would go, and he started digging those out, too. He finished about 25% of the wheelbarrow paths, but it was the part that most needed to be put in accurately for proper garden visualization since it runs through the middle of the garden. The others go around the edges and are thus very easy to visualize without being finished.

While he was rototilling, he thought that I would put in some plants yesterday, and sent me out to buy seedlings. I bought a few here in Crozet, but the selection was not huge. When I got home he chided me for getting so few plants, but I said I'd get more from a larger nursery today.

Today was not a great day to be outside selecting plants, since it was cold and rainy. I wound up getting soaked and freezing despite carrying an umbrella while pushing the cart with my other hand. But I got quite a few more seedlings, plus some seeds.

When I asked T this morning how I was supposed to plant out my beds when the fenceline wasn't yet free of weeds, and he said I couldn't plant in those beds that will be near there. He suggested planting just the middle of the garden.

I am not sure what I will do with the perennials yet, but I don't mind putting the annuals in the middle since it will just be for this year anyway. I might just have to alter my plan and figure out how to put perennials in the middle in places where they'll look good year after year.

I have a little while to figure this out, since we took a look at the weather report and it predicts nighttime lows in the 30s until it warms up later this week. This is ok-- it's a nuisance moving the seedlings in and out but it gives me a little more time to actually get the wheelbarrow paths established so I can work with the plants without being all in the mud.