My Good Boys

I had many errands to run today, and it also happened to be the day for the annual luncheon with my former coworkers. Since I had to be out with the errands all morning, I couldn't just leave either of the boys home with T for such a long time. So I decided to see if they could handle lunch out with my friends.

I am pleased to report that they did wonderfully! I arrived a little early, but was not the first one there. I got M settled in a high chair and W in a chair on the other side of me. They both sat quietly for a few minutes while I chatted as more people arrived. When M started getting restless, I moved W to the chair next to him (my seat) while I went to get food for him (it was a buffet restaurant). Both boys ate well and stayed in their seats each time I left to get food, and I think W did talk to whoever was keeping an eye on him at the table while I was gone. Everyone there said they were very impressed with how good both my boys were. I'm impressed, too. It was a good day, it could have easily gone much worse, but I'm happy they both rose to the occasion.

I may attempt more lunch dates in the future, since I was able to have a conversation while the boys ate. W needed some attention, but not so much that it was a burden, just a normal amount like another dining partner.