The Strawberries Are In!

I've finally got something in the ground in my garden! I have a little strawberry patch in front of the butterfly bush. I planted a dozen plants. When I consulted my gardening book for planting tips this afternoon it mentioned that most gardeners plant 25-50 plants in their patch and then decide in later years if they need more or less.

I've got room to put in another dozen plants in this area if I want to expand the patch, but I'll not plant them this year. And it will be tough to determine how many more plants I'll need until after next year's harvest, since I won't get any fruit this year. So I'm not looking at expansion until spring of 2014. In the meantime, I'll fill out the rest of the area with some companion plantings. But I think all the "companions" are fall-planted stuff. I'll double-check that tonight.

T dug out some more of my path for me this evening. Tomorrow I'll try to get some more plants in the ground. T says we'll have a cold night on Sunday, but all the perennials should be fine. We'll just have to cover the tomatoes and cucumber if they are planted by then.