Does He Picture Us Younger, Too?

T TiVos all the late night shows so he can hear the musical guests. Mostly he listens after I've gone to sleep, but I watched a few bands with him tonight. Dave Matthews played on one of them, and it took me back.

For a few minutes while I was watching, it felt like a Tuesday night. Every Tuesday, everyone would go to Trax and hear Dave Matthews play. Every week. It's just what you did. Charlottesville is not such a big town that there was anything better going on on a Tuesday night. There are a lot more entertainment venues now than there used to be. Although the Trax nightclub is gone.

Interestingly, although the man on the TV is middle-aged and of average weight with a receding hairline, I found myself reinterpreting him in my head back into his 20-something self from way back in the day. He was much leaner. His hairline was receding a bit even then, although I think it's further gone now. And I wondered, if it's so easy for me to remember what he looked like as a youth and easy to superimpose the memory over the reality in front of me, does he do he same thing?

Does Dave Matthews look out into the audience, and when he sees a middle-aged woman, does he just sub out the reality and replace it with how she looked in the early 1990s? Of course his fans have it easier since we just have to remember what he looks like (the rest of his band was not on the TV show with him, but I remember just how Boyd Tinsley used to look, too. Not so much the rest of the band.). But surely he must remember the general view from onstage, what everyone was doing and wearing, the general gist of the crowd each week. It wouldn't be too hard to take a single anonymous middle-aged woman and get the memory of her youth to trigger a reverie, would it? I wonder.

He probably has a lot of teenagers in the audience still, new ones. So would he bother to remember what the teenagers used to look like, years ago? Maybe from time to time.