500 Bricks!

I went to Allied Concrete earlier in the week, to see if they had some interesting edging for me to use along the garden paths. Given my budget, the answer was no. Plain bricks only cost half of what I was ready to spend, but when they looked up the cost of the next type of material the price would have skyrocketed to over $900, which was waaaay over budget. So I told them I'd send my husband over later in the week to pick up the bricks.

My immediate need is for 225 bricks, so at first I asked T to get 250 just to be safe. But then when he said he was going to take the trailer, I said he might as well get 300 since the trailer could take the extra weight and I could use the bricks for phase 2 of the paths.

But T did even better. Due to economics of bricks in pallets leftover from larger jobs, he was able to get 500 bricks for the price quote I got for the original 225. Which is a real bargain. I have enough bricks that I can incorporate extra decorative flourishes. For example, I'd rather showcase my new large flowerpots on a herringbone brick square rather than just atop some mulch. So now I can do that. I'll also brick out a place for the wine- barrel compost bin. I don't use it much in the summer, but it's more convenient to throw everything in there in the winter months. I'm moving it much closer to the kitchen door so I won't have to wear a coat, it's just a few steps to the bin instead of the 20 yards to our regular pile.

T started laying the bricks for my main paths this afternoon. He works so much faster than I could have gotten it done! He is glad to be done with his own foray into farming/ gardening. He prefers projects where once you finish them, they are done (like the garden paths). He acknowledges that I'm better at nurturing things. I don't have the focus needed to finish big projects in a timely way, but I rather like checking on things every day (well, many days, at any rate) and doing a little bit of care and maintenance at a time. T has little patience for that.

I figured out which of my plantings should go near each other but still haven't worked out exactly where everything will go. Although I'm getting closer to deciding spots for the perennials, which I'll probably put in first since they'll be permanent. Then I'll just fill in with annuals.