More Plants In The Ground

T emptied the last of the bricks from the trailer today, so he can get mulch tomorrow. He said it will be a long time before all the paths are done, but not longer than the end of June.

I won't have to wait that long to get things planted, though. I'm just working backwards away from where the edging IS done.

I planted out one swath of land, about 3' deep from the main path, and maybe 13' or 14' long. From left to right, I planted a rosemary bush, 2 marigolds, 3 rows of carrots, 4 eggplants, sage, and another rosemary. That side of the garden I ultimately want the rows going out like rays of the sun from the path, but only the rosemary and sage are perennial, so I figure it won't matter if this year my rows of annuals run parallel to the path instead of perpendicular. I'm only going to be able to use 50% of the space there anyway, since I need to keep the part near the fence clear until it's weeded and mulched.

I'm missing a few seed packets. W ran off with them, who knows where they are now. So I might not be planting beets or cosmos this year if I don't find them soon.