Tomorrow Won't Be Pretty

I spent much of the day in the garden. Turning the soil, raking it smooth, placing mulch, planting. Based on the fact that my muscles are starting to feel sore already, I'm afraid of how I'll feel tomorrow, since the next day is always the worst.

T finished edging the side and back of the large center bed, so I started planting it out when he left to go get the mulch. I was able to watch W and M the whole time I was out there, but it is certainly slow-going. I had to spend an infuriating amount of time yelling at W to get out of the flower beds and stop stepping on my plants. By the end of the day I finally hit upon a tactic that might work-- when he steps on a plant, I loudly scream as if in pain. I told him that it hurts ME when he steps on MY plants. Nevertheless, by the time T was done with his work and came out just before dinner, I had M stuck in his bouncer (which I moved out to the garden), and W had been so disobedient that I had HIM strapped into the stroller so all he could do was sit and watch instead of getting into everything.

A lot of time was spent preparing the beds, but I actually planted 4 Celebrity tomatoes, 5 Rutgers tomatoes, and two basil plants. Plus I marked where I need stakes so T can go get them from his old garden and put them in mine.

I also laid a narrow brick path through the bed. I was going to use larger pavers for the temporary cut-throughs and access paths, but since we have extra bricks I'm just using them. The paths will remain through this year, but they'll come up next March when I prep the soil for another planting.

We put mulch on the part of the wheelbarrow path that is edged. It's a nice cushy comfortable path, but since I also mulch the beds, the garden is terribly monochromatic right now. It won't look bad once everything fills in, but it does reinforce my conviction to make the mulch temporary. I think carpet would still be my first choice, with step-able ground cover in second place. Third place would be colored stone pebbles. But if there was something softer yet not biodegradable (or at least took a long time to degrade, like carpet) then I could go for that. I can't think of an existing product, but instead of rubber mulch, something more along the lines of rubber stones. Or maybe felt. I wonder if surplus fuzz from wool yarn factories turns into little wool stones when it's swept up? That would be awesome. As soft as carpet, but it would look more garden-y.

I'm going to look into that. . .