Where Did This Heat Come From?

Yesterday was so pleasant for working outside, how could today be so awful?

I didn't even attempt to work in the garden, it was so hot and humid. It was bad enough just lugging the boys around on errand day. Although we did have a nice break in the park after lunch (we went to a shady park). I don't follow the weather much anymore, so it's always a surprise.

While driving home from the errands, I did notice that every estate between Charlottesville and White Hall had an army of groundskeepers out mowing and trimming in a frenzy. When I arrived home, unfortunately J was here working with T, and although I tried to start up the lawn mower I had no luck (the boys had both fallen asleep in the car so I had a small window in which I could have mowed while they were safely strapped in their car seats). But T assured me he'd mow when they were done recording.

Of course T had forgotten this by the time they actually finished work, but I reminded him. I have learned over the years that when everyone seems to mowing their lawn on the same day, it is not to be taken lightly. The groundskeepers are professionals who necessarily keep track of the weather. I do know that the grass is nearly 8" high out here, and the frenzy of activity by the professionals makes me think that either this is the first day the grass has been dry enough to mow, or the last anticipated day.

T drove the pickup over to the riding mower to give it a jump, and did a fair amount before he wound up breaking it by running it through a large ditch. But he had made the boneheaded decision to mow his orchard before he mowed all our play areas. So I made him finish the parts I wanted mowed with the push mower. Which sounds really
awful, I wonder what is wrong with it. I am fully justified in demanding this, since I specifically told T the few small areas I really wanted mowed, and told him if he didn't have time to do the whole yard, please just focus on these few places. He assured me he had plenty of time to do it all. True, time wasn't his problem, just equipment failure. Which wouldn't have happened if he'd stayed out of the orchard to begin with. But the broken-ness of the riding mower doesn't affect me since it's not like I would bother using it when the battery is dead anyway and needs to be jump-started.

But all's well that ends well, right? The grass is mowed where I need it to be mowed. The garden didn't advance today, but hopefully it will either be cooler tomorrow, or I'll wake up earlier ready to get out there before it gets too hot.